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The 36 price list

The 36 range uses two of the 18 series boards allowing for a huge number of combinations. A 36 series ridge is listed as 36RDG below and is very popular with our customers, this comes with rocky outcrops on one side.



Please refer to the 18 series price list for the cost of producing your 36 series boards and indicate clearly on the order form which of these should be used to construct the 36 series board. The price of the 36 series board will be at the same cost as the selected 18 series boards used in its construction.


The 9 and 36 series price list

9P18   Plain section – creates a very level playing area

9P19   Plain section with undulations – small undulations provide a more folded landscape appearance

9P20   Plain Section with broken ground – the broken area has a boundary around it enabling it to be used as the perimeter of a field or wood


9R21   Straight road section – entering and leaving on the opposite side of a board

9R22   Curved road section – curved as a quadrant

9R23   Road Junction section – three roads leaving on different sides of the board



9RV24 Straight river section – naturally shaped river section

9RV25 River crossing – curved or straight section with a ford

9RV26 River crossing – curved or straight section with a road section for use with a bridge


9H27   Any section with a small hill 

9H28   Any section with a large hill

9O29   Any section with a rock outcrop

9C30   Any section with a crag face 


36 Sections are priced according to selection. Prices start at £60


Price range     Code


£19.99      9P18 - 9P19 - 9P20

£24.99      9R21 - 9R22 - 9R23 - 18R7

£27.99      9RV24 - 9RV25 - 9RV26 

£60.00      36


9H27 Add £3.99

9H28 Add £5.99

9O29 Add £3.99

9C30 Add £9.99


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